Our Exclusive Buyer Experience

We hand pick luxury homes and farms in Wellington, FL matched to your individual needs

We hand pick luxury homes and farms in Wellington, FL matched to your individual needs

With our exclusive real estate sponsorship of the Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington Equestrian Realty are enthusiastic about preserving the Wellington equestrian experience. With full access to the show grounds, we are able to provide our buyers with many advantages that no other brokerage can offer.

We strive to be a part of the community and we are personally invested in preserving the culture of the Wellington equestrian community. – Chris & Rob Desino

Because of our position, we tend to learn about properties coming to market first. Additionally, from our onsite office at the showgrounds, we are able to work at a moment’s notice based off of clients’ schedules to view properties in the Wellington and Palm Beach areas. For many of our buyers who have never been to Wellington, we are able to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the horse show and show grounds and we have the connections to make nearly any sort of unique horse show-related experience possible.

There’s a reason equestrians come to Wellington, FL from around the world: let us show you why & help you find the ideal home for you and your horses.

What Others Are Saying About Wellington Equestrian Realty

“I sold one farm and bought another with the team at Wellington Equestrian Realty. I found them to be very professional and very effective. Right from the beginning they were very honest and they had my best interest at heart.”

– Andrew – Purchased and sold farms with Wellington Equestrian Realty

“The Wellington Equestrian Realty group have a reputation for being boutique equestrian property specialists who maintain high ethical standards in their work.”

– Kim, Sold farm through Wellington Equestrian Realty

“Even after the purchase, their team was helpful with tying up questions about the property with the previous owner. Once I met the team, I knew that I had come to the right place.”

– Tim, Purchased farm with Wellington Equestrian Realty