Tough Winter Forecast by Old Farmer’s Almanac

Make Ocala Your New Home for Your Horses
Make Wellington, Florida Your New Home for Your Horses

A snowy winter sounds nostalgic, but we all know that behind the mask of this seemingly angelic powder is a troublemaker that always seems to arrive too soon, inciting mayhem on certain parts of the nation.

And for at least half of the year, there’s no turning back.

The recently released 2016 Old Farmer’s Almanac reports a colder than average winter for much of the East and Upper Midwest.

According to the Associated Press, we should “look for above-normal snow and below-normal temperatures for much of the northeastern New England states; icy conditions in parts of the South; and frigid weather in the Midwest. The snowiest periods in the Pacific Northwest will be in mid-December, early to mid-January and mid- to late February, the almanac predicts.”

Whether you believe the almanac or prefer to stick to updates from local meteorologists, the reports of a possibly stronger El Niño will not likely be enough to keep people (and horses!) from packing up.

Did you know, according a USA Today report citing three separate national snow cover maps, that Florida was one of only two states to not see any snow in March? Even Hawaii showed a patch of snow! The second state is unconfirmed as the three maps showed conflicting information.

Thankfully, we can be certain that the further south and east one travels, wicked winter loosens her grip. That is why over the past several decades Florida has quickly progressed from being a destination to a home-away-from-home for families and horses from points north and west.

They know that while winter is a vengeful adversary, she is easily avoided.

Take a sweet, sunny break from the bitter cold.  Begin the search for your dream Wellington, Florida farm today.