No Time Like The Present To Tour Properties In Wellington!

Tour one of the many gorgeous farms in Wellington, FL today!

Gone are the days of buying properties during high season.

Although the spring and summer seasons are perceived to be the offseason for real estate sales in Wellington, the team at Wellington Equestrian Realty continues to be diligent and on top of the market trends 365 days a year.

Upon the conclusion of the Winter Equestrian Festival, property owners take advantage of the time of year to do maintenance and improvements in preparation for listing their home or farm on the market. This is where Wellington Equestrian Realty has the edge, through our personal and professional relationships, we work year round to earn those new listings.

Before purchasing property in Wellington, it is important to understand the regional horse farm and real estate market. The Wellington market is constantly changing and sales in this region are dynamic! In order to make the best decision on exactly where to buy your new Wellington horse farm, you need to be guided by our proven expertise in the local market.

The Desino Brothers, Craig Martin, and Matt Varney are year-round Florida residents and their focus on the industry and combined work ethic don’t falter during the spring and summer months.

Craig Martin recently discussed market trends during the summers in Wellington, “We operate year round, unlike many other agents who leave for the summer. The old days where most of the sales happened in the winter are over. While other agents ramp down their business when April rolls around, business for them is over, we know it is the time to capitalize on real estate sales.

Chris Desino, Matt Varney, Craig Martin, and Rob Desino

“Our accessibility to potential buyers is consistent year round. When buyers contact us, we roll out the red carpet for them. Knowledge is power, and with real time information available at the buyers fingertips via the internet listings, buyers are more savvy than ever. We keep on our toes year round and we are ready to answer all of their tough questions right away. We educate them comprehensively so they understand the market and then we work hard to put deals together on their behalf.”

Wellington Equestrian Realty currently has a variety of property listings on the market, so now is the time to shop! As you contemplate your summer travel plans, why not look forward to next winter season with a trip down to Wellington to scout out your dream property?

Peruse our listings of farms and homes on the market, and order a free copy of our Wellington Equestrian Realty Portfolio. Our portfolio is stocked with 100 pages of the largest selection of quality Wellington farms, along with a comprehensive look at the winter season’s equine events and in-depth articles that take you on a tour of our area’s greatest treasures.

“We hope that you enjoy Wellington and the area that we have come to love. There truly is no place like this in the world.”

~ The Team at Wellington Equestrian Realty
Chris and Rob Desino, Matt Varney and Craig Martin