Buying a Wellington Horse Farm

We hand pick Wellington farms for sale matched to your individual needs
We hand pick a targeted list of farms matched to your individual needs

Buyers trust the Wellington Farm Experts to find their dream farm.

For many the search for a Wellington farm can be a daunting task with thousands of farms on the market and a vast source of real-estate advertisements to wet your appetite. Many buyers quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged by the process and quickly need guidance in navigating this competitive market.

The answer is simple: Search with seasoned professionals; We Are The Wellington Farm Experts! Our dedication to client satisfaction and service is the most comprehensive in the industry and we are well educated on the various equestrian communities throughout the Wellington area.

The Source for Wellington Horse Farms

We appreciate your busy schedule and hand pick a targeted list of farms matched to your individual needs. Whether your aspirations are to compete on the circuit or to simply enjoy the equestrian lifestyle as a recreational rider and spectator, we will select the perfect property for you!

“Our clients come first, 24/7. Client Service is our forte – and we take your real estate purchase seriously, searching for your dream farm as if it were our own!”

– Wellington Equestrian Realty Team

What Others Are Saying About Wellington Equestrian Realty

“I sold one farm and bought another with the team at Wellington Equestrian Realty. I found them to be very professional and very effective. Right from the beginning they were very honest and they had my best interest at heart.”

Andrew – Purchased and sold farms with Wellington Equestrian Realty

“The Wellington Equestrian Realty group have a reputation for being boutique equestrian property specialists who maintain high ethical standards in their work.”

– Kim, Sold farm through Wellington Equestrian Realty

“Even after the purchase, their team was helpful with tying up questions about the property with the previous owner. Once I met the team, I knew that I had come to the right place.”

– Tim, Purchased farm with Wellington Equestrian Realty